SOS Management specializes in multi-faceted, unorthodox talent. Founder Shannon O’Shea’s history includes representation of some of the world’s most intriguing record producers and mixers, such as Sean Beavan, Butch Vig, Danny Saber, Steve Marker, John Fryer, Stephen Lironi, Tony Visconti and the late Jimmy Miller.

She is co-creator and founding manager of the multi-platinum GARBAGE, and founding manager critically-acclaimed 8mm. Shannon and her select roster have worked with some of the world’s most compelling talent and their emissaries, including the Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, No Doubt, U2, Meat Beat Manifesto, Uncle Kracker, Moth, Kill Hannah, Foetus, Mellowdrone, System Of The Down, Depeche Mode, Deep Purple, Fiona Apple, Black Grape, Hanson, Folk Implosion, Chuck D, Michael Hutchence, Black Sabbath, Primal Scream, Ice Cube, Korn, Bjork, Churchill, Shining, Meese, Envy On The Coast, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle amongst many others.


We manage the coolest record producers, collaborators, mixers, composers and bands we can find on the planet.

Producers / Mixers / Writing Collaborators – our clients facilitate creative vision. They help artists find undiscovered places within to deliver career defining performances. They make everything sound and feel better. They are amazing to work with.

Composers – ours come from intriguing taste-maker backgrounds. They love music, film and art. They masterfully dovetail all three from unique perspectives to take storytelling to new levels of experience. Directors love them. They are fantastic to work with.

Bands – we’ve had the most fun and success with bands that have producer backgrounds and blend genres – like the multi-platinum, Grammy nominated GARBAGE and critically-acclaimed, award-winning 8mm.


This is a new and expanding division. It will stay small and select.

Actors – Ours tend to come from credible music backgrounds. They look and are beautifully unique.

Directors / Producers – Ours come from artist backgrounds to facilitate performance driven stories.